Senator McClure Advances Legislation to Stop Property Tax Interest and Penalties from Being Charged to Deceased Individuals

Even when a person has passed away, governments may still be charging them interest and penalties on property taxes, creating significant financial issues for their heirs. State Senator Steve McClure (R-Springfield) is advancing legislation to help provide relief.

“Government shouldn’t be taxing and fining people who are dead, it’s that simple,” said Senator McClure. “This is a commonsense idea that will help countless families during tough times while they are grieving the loss of a loved one.”

Senate Bill 2832, filed by McClure, would allow for the estate of a deceased individual to apply for a waiver with the county treasurer. The waiver would prevent interest and penalties from being charged on delinquent property taxes for the deceased individual. The waiver would apply from the date of the decedent’s death until either the estate is closed or the property is sold, transferred, or conveyed.

“When people have lost a loved one, the last thing they need to be facing is the financial burden of penalties and interest charges on bills that they may not even know exist,” said McClure.

McClure’s legislation was inspired by a constituent, Laurie Stall, who had to deal with a similar situation.

“I’m glad that this bill passed. I hope that maybe it will help in the future for someone that is taking care of the estate of a deceased family member,” said Laurie Stall.

SB 2832 passed the Senate on April 9th and now awaits action in the Illinois House.

Steve McClure

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