Senator McClure Passes Legislation to Require Notification of Pesticides in Cities and Towns

Many communities need to utilize pesticides to control weeds and insects, but when and how the chemicals are applied is often a mystery to residents. The Illinois Senate has passed legislation filed by State Senator Steve McClure (R-Springfield) to require notification.

“This will allow people to know when pesticides are being sprayed in public areas near their home, so that they can plan accordingly,” said Senator McClure. “Property owners will now have the ability to make sure kids aren’t in a yard where overspray could occur, they can cover their pool, or take care of whatever else they need to. In addition, if an applicator isn’t following best practices, those affected will know who to call to report it.”

Senate Bill 3342, filed by McClure, requires that an applicator provides public notice before pesticides are applied on a public right-of-way inside the borders of a municipality, to all residents within 200 feet of that right-of-way. The public notice would also include contact info for the applicators.

The legislation was created at the request of a constituent, who discovered that pesticides were being applied near his home without warning or notification, and he was unable to find out who was spraying the chemicals and what the chemicals were. What was particularly disturbing to the constituent, was that he witnessed overspray hitting children playing, swimming pools, and the exterior of homes. After exhaustive work by McClure’s staff, they were able to find out information on what was being applied and by whom.

“I’m happy that I contacted the Senator about this issue, he and his staff took action and got to work right away, found out what chemicals were being sprayed in my area and got this law passed,” said Ken Kingery, who brought the issue to Senator McClure’s attention.

SB2832 passed the Senate and now awaits action in the Illinois House.

Steve McClure

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