Schools closed at least through March 30

On March 13, Governor Pritzker ordered that all K-12 schools (both public and private) close from March 17 through at least March 30. The order also includes early childhood programs located in public and private schools. Internships, experiential learning opportunities, and behind-the-wheel driver’s education are included as well.

According to executive order, all school days that are missed will be counted as Act of God days. While he recommended that schools provide students with learning opportunities or schoolwork during the closure, the work completed will not count toward or affect students’ grades. Schools aren’t required to provide meals to students during the closure, but districts have the option to offer programs to provide food to needy students.

The U.S. Department of Education has indicated that it will make waivers available for assessment and accountability issues caused by the closure order. At this time, the Illinois State Board of Education is awaiting direction from the College Board regarding how to handle issues with Advanced Placement exams.

Schools may be allowed to open on March 31, but further school closures could be ordered as well.

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Steve McClure

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