Medicaid Update

According to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the federal emergency declaration has added flexibility to the Medicaid system that will help cover costs involved with testing for and treating patients for COVID-19.

The flexibility includes covering testing and treatment for uninsured patients and current Medicaid members as well as speeding up the process for applying for Medicaid coverage for affected patients.

This flexibility will also help with healthcare providers who need to offer services at alternate sites, offering telehealth and telepsychiatry options, and providing certain services without prior authorization for therapy services. In addition, through at least June 1st, telehealth rules and requirements will be significantly broadened to help providers offer services in new places and through new methods of communication.

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services is continuing to update health providers as they learn more about what resources and options are available.

Some healthcare providers are waiving out-of-pocket costs for Covid-19 testing, and insurers may be temporarily halting the dropping of insurance coverage for specific reasons.

Healthcare providers can read updated bulletins from the here Department of Healthcare and Family Services:


Steve McClure

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