Governor proposes $1.6 billion in new spending in budget address

Gov. J.B. Pritzker unveiled his budget proposal in an address before the General Assembly on Feb. 19, seeking $1.6 billion in new spending which relies on getting the Governor’s income tax increase approved.

 “After adding one of the largest tax hikes in Illinois history, the state should not be asking the taxpayers to make more sacrifices when the government is not doing the same,” said Senator McClure. “Between the cuts that the Governor asked agencies to make, and the recent increase in tax revenue, we should be able to put together a balanced budget. Instead, he proposed $1.6 billion in new spending, and that’s just not right.”

Lawmakers expressed concerns that that in order to fund $1.4 billion for priorities like schools, health care and public safety, the Governor’s tax increase must be approved. Under the state’s revamped school funding formula from 2017, the state is statutorily required to increase school funding by $350 million a year. Under Pritzker’s proposal, only $200 million is guaranteed, leaving $150 million of school funding in jeopardy.

Senate Republican lawmakers contend that what Illinoisans need is more fiscal leadership and responsibility. They point to last year’s budget process as a road map that proves working collaboratively can produce a budget that meets the needs of Illinois citizens, and funds these priorities without a tax increase.

Steve McClure

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