McClure Passes Legislation to Save Shelby County Rescue Squad

The Illinois General Assembly has passed legislation filed by State Senator Steve McClure (R-Springfield) to ensure that the Shelby County Rescue Squad is able to keep operating and protect the people they serve.

“This legislation will help to make sure that Shelby County is able to maintain their rescue squad, which will save lives,” said Senator McClure. “I hope this legislation is able to provide some peace of mind for the people of the county, knowing that the brave members of the squad can stay on the job.”

Shelby County Board members asked McClure to file Senate Bill 1102, which will officially authorize the county to operate their rescue squad and provide necessary benefits to squad members. The bill matches similar legislation passed by McClure dealing with the Sangamon County Rescue Squad. The bill is designed to clear up regulations that could have forced the rescue squad to shut down.

SB1102 passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly and now awaits the signature of the Governor.

Steve McClure

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