McClure statement on passage of partisan legislative maps

Springfield- State Senator Steve McClure (R-Springfield) released the following statement after Democrats pushed their flawed, partisan map through the General Assembly:

“Let’s be honest about what this is. It’s a map drawn by Democrats who only care about one thing: holding on to their power. This map isn’t fair, it isn’t designed to best represent people. They ignored their own promises to support an independent redistricting process, they ignored the input of dozens of people, they ignored the calls of reformers to change the process. They did just what they planned to do along, which was to go behind closed doors, with flawed and out-of-date data, and they drew a partisan map designed to hold onto their power for another decade.

“Governor Pritzker has a choice. All he has to do is exactly what he promised the voters as a candidate, which is to veto this partisan map.”


Steve McClure

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