Senator McClure Appointed to Senate Republican Leadership

State Senator Steve McClure (R-Springfield) has now formally been appointed to the leadership team for the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus and will also serve as Assistant Floor Leader.

“I am excited to serve in leadership at this critical time in our state’s history,” said Senator McClure. “While our state is in a very tough situation right now, it is still worth fighting for. I look forward to being a part of proposing solutions that put us on the right path, and helping to communicate the perspective of the caucus in the Capitol and across the state.”

As a member of the Senate Republican leadership team, Senator McClure will help advise and guide the GOP caucus. In his role as Assistant Floor Leader he will play an important role in debates on legislation that comes before the Senate.

“Sen. McClure is passionate, motivated and willing to make the hard decisions needed for structural change,” said Illinois Senate GOP Leader-Elect Dan McConchie. “He has worked hard to make Illinois a safer place for all, especially our elderly population through his work as a prosecutor in Sangamon County. His legal experience, life-long passion for policymaking and creative thinking make him a dynamic addition to our leadership team in his new role as Assistant Republican Leader.”

Steve McClure

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