Only Three Days Left

With just three days remaining until the General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn the spring legislative session on May 31st, several controversial issues remain unresolved.

Lawmakers have not yet acted on several key issues. Those issues include the legalization of recreational cannabis, sports betting, and a much needed capital plan. Additionally, lawmakers must approve a budget for Fiscal Year 2020 in the remaining days.

Although legislation on the major issues remains unresolved, I am proud to have supported several bills that passed through the Senate recently. Those bills include legislation that cracks down on school bus safety violators and legislation that helps service members and their spouses earn professional licenses.

Those who do not properly stop for school buses on the roadway will be fined twice as much if the Governor signs House Bill 1873.House Bill 1873 seeks to crack down on those who ignore the stop arm on school buses by increasing the fine from $150 to $300 for the first offense, and from $500 to $1,000 for the second or subsequent offense.

Members of the Armed Services and their spouses who are stationed in Illinois may soon have an easier time finding work in their field under legislation passed by the Senate unanimously. House Bill 1652 creates an expedited professional license application process for service members and their spouses. The applicant must be licensed in another state, stationed in Illinois, and otherwise eligible for licensure in this state.

And finally on this Memorial Day Weekend, it was an honor to be part of the Auburn Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday. We must always remember and be thankful for our fallen heroes and their families.

Steve McClure

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